Onboard users effortlessly.
Turn more free trials into paying customers

I will help you grow your SaaS company faster by improving your product onboarding to show users the real value of your product and how to use it.  

You probably want to know the onboarding formula for retaining your customers & increasing account upgrades

A big mistake is not fixing your onboarding flow at the earliest stage & constantly improving it as your company grows

SaaS Takeoff, Customer Journey, User experience, Customer onboarding
~10 min

Time it takes to customize this website  for your own product.


Cheaper to make landing pages on Webflow vs. Unbounce or Instapage.


Professional-grade designs — now you can forget those janky page builders.

Some SaaS businesses fail to consider the fine lines of the customer journey

The first 90 days are the most crucial for retaining a customer

Whether you're established & your customer onboarding process is virtually non-existent or a startup needing to build your onboarding flow correctly from the get-go.

When you invest into improving your onboarding process, with your customers in mind, you show that you genuinely care about helping them get the results they want

Spending $$ on Customer acquisition costs only for them to churn after signup.
Sales and marketing strategies provide an initial win to bring people to your site, but they don’t guarantee a conversion or longevity of new signups.

User experience customer journey onboarding
SaaS Takeoff, User experience, Customer onboarding

Why you shouldn't do it yourself

Other solutions on the market leave you to figure out what you need by yourself...

...most focus on measuring the end result but they don't tell you how to get there.

You already have a lot to manage and don't have time to educate yourself on effective onboarding strategies.

Do you really want to leave it to chance?

The process of explaining why your product is valuable & how it will benefit your users doesn't end when they sign up

User experience Customer onboarding

What's the cost of not fixing your onboarding flow?

Your time is wasted trying to figure out what you need to work for your niche.

Inability to scale your customer onboarding as your customer success managers are doing the majority of tasks manually

Wasted opportunities to retain users who would've gotten value from your product, leading to inactive users

Don't let your sales and marketing efforts go to waste

Help users get results fast, rather than leaving them to figuring it out by themselves

Automated onboarding
Find out if SaaS Take off is right for you
Find out if you meet my criteria

Here's how I will help you fix it

Designing a user onboarding flow that works isn't straight forward. It involves a lot of research, testing, and optimisation. Thats where I come in.


We will review your current onboarding flow

Whether you are already established or starting from scratch. I will provide guidance on what strategies will work for your niche.


I will help you create your  strategy

After evaluating your flow considering the most effective onboarding to impact your ROI.
You will receive user experience blueprint & guidance on the effective ways to onboard your users.


We will optimise your web-app Continuously

Whether its simple navigation around the web-app, Highly targeted communication we will drive your users to action, completion of tasks and success of your product. You get all the metrics.

Want to get started for free?

Hurry! I work with only 5 onboarding savvy individuals at a time.

Free consultation

Assessment and grade of current onboarding

Next steps on how to improve & fix your onboarding problems

Your product industry onboarding benchmarking

Advice and coaching from the expert

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some common questions.
Any questions? Drop me a line...

No more losing clients at the end of a free trial

From onboarding new clients to succeeding and nurturing success with your free trial clients to upgrade.

Guide your users to account upgrades

I help SaaS companies that understand the importance of communicating the value of their products to their customers

The Quick way to generate revenue for your business

Implement a scalable onboarding process & Customers will pay more for a great service

Avoid the slippery slope that is customer churn

Make your priorities your customers, helping them see your vision.

Meet your mentor:
Sharon Oni founder & CEO OF saaS Takeoff

Hi there,  i'm Sharon, serial entrepreneur, customer excellence manager and web designer i'm the brains behind SaaS Takeoff, I spend most of my time working on a product called SaaS Takeoff.
The processes & onboarding was meticulously put together by me to help you onboard your customer correctly.

I have analysed hundreds of successful SaaS companies and their onboarding strategies so you don't have to. I have put together the formula that works no matter the niche... just look at my numbers!

If you're curious and would like to speak to me, you can & you probably should!
let's talk

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